Listen to your body, follow your intuition…

Don’t trust commercials and statistics. Everybody is different, make decisions accordingly to Your needs. Don’t be afraid to make your own choices.

Conventional medicine hasn’t find a cure for anything, mainstream doctors don’t believe any disease can be fully healed…
However, any science, whether conventional or not, agrees on one thing: prevention is better than a cure.

Food is such an important part of our lives, we often do not give it enough credit. Did you know that your outer layer of skin (the epidermis) replaces itself every 35 days?  You get a new liver every six weeks (a human liver can regenerate itself completely even if as little as 25% remains of it).  Your stomach lining replaces itself every 4 days, and the stomach cells that come into contact with digesting food are replaced every 5 minutes.  Our entire skeletal structures are regenerated every 3 months.  Your entire brain replaces itself every two months. And the whole human body, every single cell, is replaced every 7 years.

You truly are what you eat!

Your body will often let you know if you are eating a wrong type of food. Don’t keep ignoring all those signs and signals, you deserve better. Stop and pay attention. Be quiet and listen…

The food you consume affects your IQ, attention span and cognitive function. Your nutrient intake can have a dramatic effect on your brain health, mood and the way of thinking. Neurotransmitters are reliant on nutrients found in foods to ignite the transmission that is required for a normal thought process.

Changing your diet is a first, essential step in becoming a free-thinking person.

These pages are for your information only, I hope they can assist and inspire you in making your life better. Feel free to add comments and share your knowledge.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’
Mahatma Gandhi

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